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WH Selfivest broker discounts to our members – and our previous experience

Seit Urbegin unseres Tradeforceone.de Daytrader Netzwerkes war WH Selfinvest einer der ersten Broker, the beginning of our project seriously and has made many of us are happier with discounts.

The now familiar WH SelfInvest discounts for trades of 13% to 53% depending on the trading instrument are already saying a lot. The exact conditions / discounts per trade are documented here:



That we and our members to ultra-fast and were served personally, especially when almost all problems, can be evaluated according to only positive from the previous Rezonanz.

Anyone with extensive Stocks busy while on high-quality tool (Recommendation here: the WHS Futurestation) intends to rely, while German support at reasonable prices look, sooner or later end up with WHSelfinvest. We always recommend anyway to try several independent broker, to gain a picture, and to recognize what is important here.

The key dates:

WH Selfinivest in Germany

In 1998 founded, has the broker WH SelfInvest both the broker license (No.. 42798), die Kommissionärslizenz (No.. 36399) and the asset manager license (No.. 1806) the Luxembourg supervisory authority for financial services CSSF.

The branch of WHSelfinvest in Germany is limited by the BaFin (No.. 122635) and regulates the CSSF. In addition, GH has SelfInvest the European passport for financial services. WH SelfInvest has additional branches in Belgium and France as well as representative offices in the Netherlands and Poland.

That means even WHSelfinvest:

WH SelfInvest is tested by two independent auditors, one external and one internal. The clientele of WH SelfInvest include both private investors and institutional clients. We serve customers 28 different countries.

Why should your account with a broker of the European Union (except Poland, England), held at a broker outside the EU (Switzerland, USA, Belize, …) open?

1. Quality: European brokers must meet much more stringent operational requirements and quality standards than their North American brokerage. For example, WH SelfInvest must regularly 2 Auditors can examine. Controlled by a, that execution speed, Service, Provisionen usw. correspond to the, WH promises SelfInvest clients in advertising. You, the customer, therefore, rely on an independent quality control.

2. Risk: The EU legislation on financial services are far more stringent than those of Switzerland. The Switzerland allows its brokers, To carry on its balance sheet customer funds. These customer deposits are therefore at high risk, if the broker is threatening to as the business task. Within the European Union, the majority of brokers (Exception e.g.. Suppliers from Poland or England) store their customers' money in a bank deposit, not available to the broker itself. A broker in the European Union is therefore the safest option, because the risk is limited to the custodian banks.

3. Insurance: In several European countries have been launched by the government insurance programs, protect the citizens, having an account at a financial institution with a European passport for financial institutions to open.

WH SelfInvest has this pass. American agents or brokers from Switzerland, Cyprus, Malta or not the BVI

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