TF1 is free!

We are pioneer in discount brokerage in Germany!

The broker rebates in 3 Steps..

1. Register for free

If you want to benefit from our broker discounts and other benefits, Your order will be registered under JOIN FREE actually not over. It is also very simple and costs you more than 2 Minutes of your life. For this you have the security, that you do not miss discounts and other benefits for many brokers!

2. All discounts and benefits of brokers check.

This you can under “our broker rates & Discounts” find. Here we list all the participating brokers, have declared themselves ready, our network to offer special discounts or other benefits. Exact details of the special rates and discounts can be found on the menu. There are also the prices or. Price lists for members.

3. Choose your broker and open an account through us.

This is also easy. If you want to take advantage of our special rates, are chosen “TF1 Fitness use” . Here you see details, what exactly to do on each broker, so that everything fits and you also get the discounts.

Ready! Now just enjoy benefits and discounts..

Now everything is clear, and you get the rights granted Sonderkondionen for your trading or as in the case WHSelfinvest the broker rebates paid quarterly to your account from us!

By the way, we would be glad, If you participate with your comments on our network or criticism or. Suggestions expressed! But most of us would, if you just have joy in our network and the benefits!

In this sense,
Eurer ‹tf1› team

For questions about network tf1 contributions please use our simple contact form SUPPORT (In the menu: How it Goes > To find support) or just the comments.



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