NanoTrader | Continuation Review – Part 2

26. July 2009 14

NanoTrader of Fipertec provides opportunities for manual, half- and fully automated trading.

With today's article I would like to continue my comprehensive review of NanoTrader Fipertec and the trading-related functions (see bullet 4. Trading) the software report.

Basically, it should be noted, that also in this area of ​​dealing with the most NanoTrader selbsterklärund and is relatively easy.

4. Trading

With the NanoTrader is a manual, half- possible and fully automated trading.

  • Manual Trading

When NanoTrader There are many opportunities, to manually open positions or to close them again. The focus of the manual trading are particularly Speed ​​Trader and ChartTrader.

Figure 2: SpeedTrader and ChartTrader

Both the Speed ​​Trader and the ChartTrader are aligned on the visual trading. With both tools, orders placed by clicking, be closed or turned. In contrast to ChartTrader is the Speed ​​Trader supported by the market depth. By simply clicking on the Bid- or Ask size, different types of orders to be addressed.

Figure 3: Confirmation window on task order

Thus supports the NanoTrader nine types of orders. These included: Market, Limit, Stop, Stopp Limit, Synthetic stop, Synthetischer Stopp Limit, Market if touched, Synthetischer Market if touched, Market by Study. When ChartTrader placing the order is also induced by mouse click. But, the historical price performance as further information source is available. The Bid- and Ask Size can also as Histogram be illustrated.

  • Semi-Automatic Trading

In semi automatic trading, the position is opened manually, but it is closed automatically. The NanoTrader Here one uses TradeWizzards.

Figure 4: TradeWizzard

The TradeWizzard is small in the NanoTrader integrated tool, in particular, helps the novice user, Bracket Orders to implement in your trading. Basically, bracket orders however can also be manually. In addition, multiple Brackets constructed with an infinite number of stops and profit targets are. The resulting orders from the brackets can be changed at will during the Trades. In this context, is enjoying another tool of NanoTrader popular. With the help of Tactics, Tools individual stops and profit targets can be managed with a single click.

Figure 5: Bracket orders and tactics

The selection menu for the Tactics is NanoTrader for each stop- and target-Order Available. In addition, the menu selection at will designable and can be customized according to your wishes and the own style of trading. For example, there may. Trailing Stopps, BreakEvenStopps, Profit targets, usw. be implemented. A sliding bracket orders using a mouse is NanoTrader then also be possible. If one of the bracket-filled or partially executed orders, the other order is automatically deleted or. adapted. This technique is also used as OCO-Order designated („One cancels other”).

A position held, The bracket is secured by an order, will Orderbook represented as follows.

Figure 6: Orderbook

Accordingly, the stop remains- and limit orders in the orderbook as long NanoTrader contain, to achieve either the target or the stop. At the same moment, if one of these orders will be executed, the remaining orders on the principle OCO deleted.

  • Fully Automated Trading

This fully automated trading, the position of the NanoTrader closed not only automatically, but will also be opened automatically. The entry signals are the Metasentimentor generated. The MetaSentimentor in turn by other Sentimentors, as z. B. RSI, Aroon, MACD usw., determined. A Weighting the individual is also possible Sentimentors. Examples The following indicators could automatic constellation strategy NanoTrader depict:

Figure 7: designer bar and indicators

The section "Trading” first defines the areas, in the Metasentimentor for A- and exit are determined. This is the MetaSentimentor between 0 and 100 defined. Im des Metasentimentor NanoTrader even the first can Degree of smoothing sowie des Metasentimentors day Weighting the individual indicators are set, Before then, the individual sentiments are listed with the corresponding parameters. Often the MetaSentimentor of NanoTrader used only for entry signals. Exit signals are then appropriate Stop strategies, as z. B. a Trailing Stop, set.

In addition to the sentiments are also Filter in the NanoTrader be used. Filters are used to, to limit the number of signals MetaSentimentor. You can on the one hand entry- or exit signals relate. On the other hand, they can Long- Short or limit signals and cease its execution. In addition to the study-based filtering provides the NanoTrader also time-based filters, relating to certain periods, where no new positions will be entered into or where you want to omit the whole trade.

Figure 8: designer bar and filter

For example, therefore divides. An exponential moving average purchase- and retail areas on, in which either only purchase- or just sell signals are carried. In addition, two could time-based filters once during the lunch break or any other entry signals allow. trade by 17.30 Clock prohibit all.

The use of Tactics is NanoTrader still possible, when Stoppstrategien be used, so that the user can always manually intervene in a position.

Visually, the automatic trading with the NanoTrader, as follows, be shown:

Figure 9: auto trading with indicators and filters

The red or. green marked area in the main chart is the result of EMA-Filters. Accordingly, in the red zone, only a short- and will be engaged in the green zone without a long position. As Sub-Charts the already mentioned Sentimentors and filter of NanoTrader mapped.

Review und Fazit Part 3 /3here

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NanoTrader | Continuation Review – Part 2, 4.6 out of 5 based on 5 ratings

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  1. Mr.Future 2. August 2009 at 13:33 - Reply

    Hallo Daniel!

    First, my respect for the effort you have made with the review to Nano Trader! This has led me to, me at all times closer to deal with this platform. 🙂

    But what I have not quite understood is, why do not you just e.g.. the WHS Futures Trading station for your use?

    If I have understood correctly, then run your Nano even at Trader PATS, But the broker RCG? What were the reasons for you? What benefits can be achieved so? This variant is suitable only for system traders, or make discretionary for manual traders their trading decisions?

    Would be nice, if you would answer me and thank you ever advance!

    Mr. Future

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  2. Daniel 3. August 2009 at 18:27 - Reply

    Hallo Mr. Future!
    I'm actually a time the WHS for my trading station future uses. However, I was only very briefly in the WHS. I was not pleased with the service provided and the conditions satisfied by the broker. For my automated and high-frequency trading I need special conditions and a high quality data feed. I could not get both of the WHS.
    About that has subsequently offered the opportunity for me, I could also use the NanoTrader the RCG. The conditions here are so much better. On the historical data feed I can not even tell too much, because the connection is made by the NanoTrader until shortly. But I hope, that the data feed is also my ideas. At present I must content myself with the PATS data feed, the only period for the currently traded is available. At least equal to the PATS data feed my needs. Should not the data feed on RCG meet my needs, Then there is the possibility, that the historical data feed is available via eSignal.
    For the future I would like to see the NanoTrader with TT infrastructure. Trading Technology (TT) PATS also offers as a stable infrastructure. However, the fees at TT a lot cheaper and faster execution speeds. About RCG is also an appropriate infrastructure available. Unfortunately at the moment Fipertec sees no need to provide an appropriate interface to TT, because the demand is not sufficient. With greater demand would be to u. You. deal with the issue.
    The combination NanoTrader and RCG course is also suitable for discretionary traders. For me a Broker RCG, currently granted to me the required quality at acceptable conditions.
    Many Greet

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  3. Mr.Future 4. August 2009 at 19:21 - Reply

    Thanks for the tips Daniel, also will test next time the Nano Trader Demo. Real bad because of what one so everything must pay. If I had never in my life on it!

    As high frequency trading really is your style? 20 Trades, 50 Trades or more trades per day? And in which futures can you run your systems?

    Mr. Future

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  4. Malvolio 6. August 2009 at 15:25 - Reply

    What about the fees at RCG?
    If the account (such as. bei InteractvieBrokers) feasible in €?
    What are the costs for the transfer charges RCG?

    Thank you very much!


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    • admin 6. August 2009 at 16:29 - Reply

      Halli Malvolio!
      The exact fees for RCG has on you Wolfgang 02.08. sent by email. This hopefully will be published in our upcoming. If you should you no longer find, So write short easy to admin ät
      – The account with RCG course is feasible also in EUR.
      – And to the OB cost: With the transfer to RCG is no charge.
      many greetings

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  5. Daniel 6. August 2009 at 15:52 - Reply

    Hallo Mr. Future!!
    To answer your question about the frequency of incidence, I must go back a little. The incidence rate is strongly dependent on the strength of the movement time series depends. In highly volatile time series, as z. B. DAX Futures dem-, are quite a day 200-300 Trades are not uncommon. The system is particularly applicable to volatile time series. In less volatile time series goes back much of the trading frequency. In the context I must mention, For example, that PATS. the DAX futures on its limits. Therefore I have also advertised in the last comment for a TT infrastructure.

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  6. Malvolio 6. August 2009 at 20:16 - Reply

    Thank you very much!
    I meant the remittances! 😉

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    • admin 6. August 2009 at 21:17 - Reply

      The fees depend of course on the selected bank, this is another plus point, as there is a choice.
      In general, U.S. banks charge for a referral to the 25Euro. But this is usually the money within 24-48h on the recipient's account! So similar to the one usually more expensive here in Germany Express Transfer.
      For comparison: IAB (Interactive Brokers) demands as Europeans 8 EUR for this service in addition to other costs beautiful blocks.

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  7. Karl 2. February 2010 at 20:19 - Reply

    Hallo Daniel
    I'm also very interested to RCG + Nano switch to.
    Question: How do I get this Gesdchichte?
    MFG Karl

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    • admin 2. February 2010 at 21:24 - Reply

      This combination offers more than tf1individual. The details are already on the way and help .. lg Admin

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  8. Chart observers 17. May 2010 at 10:22 - Reply


    bin totaler Future- Newcomer. Have until now only in the index CFD-traded sector.
    Since I now, For cost reasons, wanted to go to the Futures, I have times when the Nano Trader platform in the short list drawn. Is possibly as another provider. even the Ninja Trader with Zenfire at Mirus Futures in consideration.
    Which platform would be because, In your opinion, the better choice?

    Chart observers

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    • tf1 Team 17. May 2010 at 19:53 - Reply

      Basically, both versions are good, So there is more to the personal preferences and which platform to get main focus is clearly better for his needs. The. B. Nano is the ideal trader from WHS, simple semi-- or. fully automated trading quickly and intuitive to implement, and ensure a German bank account and support good. The Ninja Trader is also absolutely fine and to free. The required account size or. Minimum capital would also be slightly smaller at Dorman, However, one should think of a sensible risk management Money.

      tf1 Admin

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  9. Chart observers 17. May 2010 at 21:23 - Reply

    Thanks for the answer.

    Due to the German support, I'll probably prefer the Nano Trader. Is there ever a German Mirus Support?
    Mir is the best strategy 3-5 Take points. Account size I wanted at 20 let k €.

    Chart observers

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    • tf1 Team 17. May 2010 at 21:52 - Reply

      Mirus also has support for a contact person in Germany. However, the help desk sometimes a bit understaffed, therefore primarily use for beginners and many questions would rather support the WHS. This is much better adapted to these needs.

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