Experience report OEC Trader - Part 2: Charting

31. May 2009 6

In this article I want to follow the main options of the OEC Trader ‹tf1› in the chart formatting describe.

In the menu Chart Profile you can adjust the basic settings, depending on personal preferences and tastes.

  • Colors for candles, Background, Axes, Values, Show, Grid, Orders…
  • Fonts for ads, Values, Axes, …
  • Display of candles (Lines, Candle, OHLC, Range,…..)
  • Accounting period of the candles and set the time zone

The possibilities and combinations are almost limitless in this area.

In the Menus are the main functions:

  • Timeframes ( based on time, Ticks, Volume or Range)
  • Zoom functions
  • Drawing Tools (Lines, Text, Arrows, Fibonacci, Channels, Geometric figures,….)
  • Trade Mode

Die Buttons im Menu can be configured as needed and in groups or individually- or hide.

The package also includes all possible and impossible Indicators in the following classifications:

  • Trend followers
  • Oscillators
  • Volatility
  • Volume

The indicators do not only apply to the course itself but as. Bollinger bands and RSI on the draw.

A very important tool for my trading style Custom Indikatoren. In this way the chart I would like to personalize more detail.

I handle signals favorite and not favorite markets. That means I handle or. analyze multiple markets simultaneously and let the rough analysis of the OEC Trader worry about different filters. So I do not have to check every tick or candle charts on several of my existence conditions for a trade. Only when this filter is indicated by a trading opportunity, I deal in detail with the market and then decide in a fine analysis, whether or not I make a trade eingehe. To create this filter, I use the Custom Indicators.

There are three different types:

  • Show Cases: Only the display of the value of a self-created indicator
  • Simple Indicator: Representation of a self-assembled indicator in the price range or in a separate window as a line, Curve or histogram.
  • Coloring: Coloring of the candles on the filter criteria

I want to clarity 2 Examples imagine:

Example 1:

Simple trend detection with the Coloring Functions based on 2 Indicators. Used were the MACD and Bollinger Bands. Light green candles indicate a weak and dark green a strong upward trend. Light red candles on the other hand show a slight downward trend, and dark red candles in a strong. Black candles symbolize the other hand, no trend is present.

The expected lower and upper range days (green or red dashed line) is a Simple Indicator calculated and displayed.

Bild: Einfache Trenderkennung

Picture 1: Simple trend detection

Example 2:

In this example, a Momentumsetup shown. With the Coloring Indicator will 3 Long and different 3 Short signals with different colors in the rough analysis drawn. Black candle to show, that there is no setup. Criteria for the colored candles are:

  • Position of the candle in the trend
  • Candlestick Formation
  • Volume

With a Simple Indicator (white dashed lines) Yesterday, the High and Low Yesterday calculated and displayed.

Bild: Momentum Setup

Picture 2: Momentum Setup

Custom Indikatoren can be compiled and stored and are then in a separate menu option available to. If these options are not yet sufficient to Personalize, can programs from TradeStation (Easy language) Create or import a variety of programming languages ​​themselves. There are limits here only by their own programming skills.

In the Data Box , exact values ​​of the candles (High, Low, Open, Close) and the indicators can be read. Here, too, can be adjusted if the relevant parameters to be displayed or not.

There is a limit, that maximum 10 Charts can be open simultaneously per account. Anyone who watched several markets simultaneously in different time frames would, must do this with various sub-accounts. The charts can be saved for documentation in various graphic formats and print.

In the next part of my experience report on the OEC Trader, I will deal with the trading functions.

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Experience report OEC Trader - Part 2: Charting, 3.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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  1. paul super smart 1. June 2009 at 13:27 - Reply

    Here again, many thanks for your post by the admin team.
    Greetings Paul Clever

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  2. Deviation 2. June 2009 at 23:30 - Reply

    Hi Norgre,

    again a very good and understandable description. Since I have no more DEMO, it would be nice if you sometime soon the topic 'Market Replay’ describe in your view could. Danke.


    Best regards
    Deviation http://de.wikipedia.org / wiki / Écart

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  3. bullseye 2. June 2009 at 23:44 - Reply

    @ Gap…
    You you can download the demo again with us, so, please use another email address. An extension is not possible in your case, because you were not assigned to the OEC in our Account Management… for any reason whatsoever.

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  4. Deviation 3. June 2009 at 21:02 - Reply

    Hallo Bullseye,

    “… an extension is not possible in your case, because you were not assigned to the OEC in our account management ... for whatever reason.” This is surely because, I in 2008 A demo of OEC was directly.

    Tell me about demo account for a month $ 20?

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  5. bullseye 3. June 2009 at 21:13 - Reply

    Hey Ecart…

    “…Tell me about demo account for a month $20?”

    No, You might want to only repeat the OEC demo download here and use it to another email address, than the first time.

    Here is the link: http://www.openecry.com/ibportal/Pages/Download.cfm?WLID=99

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  6. Deviation 3. June 2009 at 23:09 - Reply

    Danke + + +

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