CONTREX | FX direct bank – First European CFD market with its own market organization!?

tf1 Team 7. May 2009 12

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  1. bullseye 11. May 2009 at 18:11 - Reply

    Regardless of, whether we live in CONTREX FXdirekt concerning whether. a further co-operation come or not, I hereby would like to once again call on all tf1-user, in the network as tf1-member To register and let us know your specific needs, which(n) Broker they would prefer. Brief bullet points, why and why, would also be beneficial and would facilitate our work much easier and more efficient.
    Only when it is apparent to us, which intersections are, we can offer our “Charm” and our “Relationships” can play in relation to specific our broker rates be active!

    I would also ask, to make good use of our comment function, and communicate their own experience or research results, that it thus becomes a “collective” Opinion may! Can also be happy to each registered member of the admins can give appropriate write permissions, not only to comment on articles, but also to add comments to.

    Your Greetings

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  2. cfd-Trader 12. May 2009 at 13:04 - Reply

    Hallo Trader, I am recently Contrex Trader! Ingenious story, finally, no market maker problems. The exchange holds the hand above, Stock Quotes !

    Alles Top. Great platform for rapid, great service and support.

    FXdirekt & Contrex – TOP!

    Greetings from Munich

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  3. bullseye 12. May 2009 at 13:41 - Reply

    OK – First thank you for your brief statement concerning whether. CONTREX FXdirekt.
    It would be a great help to us, however,, if you give us specific information, z.B. on the issues of you close to the market spreads (Stock Quotes) would make…

    We can because that is currently only a demo version of FEXtrader Web and draw this webserver seems to be quite congested, or it may currently be performed stress test!? For this you may also like to register as a member-tf1 and write a report on experience professionally qualified! 😉


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  4. cfd-Trader 12. May 2009 at 14:36 - Reply

    Gladly, because the WebTrader-PF Contrex has exactly the same courses, as in live, You can see on the demo REAL TIME Courses. I use the Demon still parallel to the test strategies.

    If you have any CONTREX DEMO – Spread im Dax 0,5 Points, Spread with CFD z. b. Telecom 0 and commission 0,10 % !

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  5. bullseye 12. May 2009 at 15:06 - Reply

    OK – because we are here now with you, it seems, a suitably qualified “Support on Board” have, a few more specific questions regarding the rules which CONTREX execution- FXdirekt regulations and their handling of pages, this information or if you experience as “The first customers” should have… 😉

    Quote (Beginning)
    In special situations, according to § 14 CMO CONTREX the market maker can be interpreted by the number 1 Price mentioned corridors vary or waive price,. The ranges of the data vendors usually transmitted order book depth (maximum 5 Levels) not for the quantity to be traded on CONTREX out of or in individual values ​​is an abuse of the system or the market model to determine, is the price determination based on the reference market for commercial discretion or is not carried out in individual cases.

    Abuse by the system or the market model can eg. be:
    – Parallel operations on the reference market and CONTREX,
    – Set of conflicting orders in the reference market (z.B. for price improvement on the order CONTREX, Liquiditätsvortäuschung),
    Repeated orders within a short period.

    If the abuse detected only after price fixing as such, can pick up the market-maker transactions in consultation with a member of the Market Surveillance. Further rights of the parties (z.B. Replacement costs incurred) This does not affect. All abuses will be brought in accordance with legal regulations with the relevant authorities for display.
    Quote (End)

    In relation to these schemes to “Price determination in special situations” We still have the greatest need for education! We are of course aware, that will protect the market maker with this provision, including slippage in the reference markets.

    But on closer reading, yes every day trader or arbitrageur would have to expect that with prosecution… 🙂

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  6. cfd-Trader 12. May 2009 at 15:41 - Reply

    Also, previously, the courses provided always, I can see it through other media, Munich Stock Exchange, Xetra etc. .. !

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  7. bullseye 14. May 2009 at 18:16 - Reply

    Here the link to an interview with Mr. Berse, Company spokesman FXdirekt Bank AG, concerning the first European stock exchange CFD CONTREX. Unfortunately, Mr. Berse of FXdirekt understandably currently busy new date strongly, why make the network difficult negotiations. 🙁

    CFD Börse CONTREX | FXdirekt Bank – Interview vom 13.05.09

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  8. bullseye 19. May 2009 at 22:02 - Reply

    Today it was so far and I could already long hoped-for call to the company spokesperson for the bank FXdirekt (Mr. Berse) lead, what is it about. a 3/4 Hour was!

    During the phone call, some open issues, which were recently shown in the relevant media coverage in my opinion, and not always comprehensible, clarified, as well as about possibilities for future cooperation, in the area of ​​a Web 2.0 project, with the TF1 Network gesporchen.

    About the exact result I'm here at this point, due to time constraints, report in the next few days…


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  9. mglemans 20. May 2009 at 12:10 - Reply

    Hello, I am also on the lookout for a cfd trading platform looked at me once and I Contrex with the demo. DAX spreads bei mir 3 to 3,5, which is much. is also the custodian with a small order fee and the commission noted, no cfd trading under 5 piece in the tradable dax. demo version runs with me what kind of jerk does not occur at other demos. the fensteranordnug and especially the editing is very lean, habs previously eg. failed to distribute them to multiple screens.
    positive is the very fast execution.
    I tend to at the moment FXFlat, a German offshoot of .
    low cost and margin, 1He spread the dax, running since 2 weeks in the demo on 2 screens with 6 simultaneously open windows without problems in trade. will further test, in this sense.

    mfg mglemans

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  10. CFD-Profi 20. May 2009 at 12:52 - Reply

    @ Mglemans

    The problem with the high I had also spread, to me it clarified its chat, I'm not referring to the Contrex-order platform, but are on the normal CFD platform – was my fault… 🙁
    Supposedly be on the demo server still performed stress test – say the. Maybe is because, The demo platform is not going smoothly.

    Because the other problems we may be able to say bullseye – he's got to NEN hot wire which.

    Or maybe someone here has even a live account for Contrex? Would really interest me!


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  11. bullseye 21. May 2009 at 10:10 - Reply

    With regard to a possible neutral reporting, I once had the key facts “Fall” Contrex | FXdirekt collected, which are discussed in the public and the media currently rather controversial.

    The fact is: FXdirekt wants to go a different route with Contrex, than the rest of the market maker – where this is of course a thorn in the side. The fact is also: This type of procedure is associated with higher costs, which (first?) the end customer has to bear. Capable of applying the two models are, in effect, and whether exchange-traded CFDs at all can be a useful variant, to set standards in this segment, will in future have yet to show. Moreover, in my opinion is not irrelevant to a matter, how seriously the bank FXdirekt really mean by the announced transparency in CFD trading and if this is not only a purely tactical marketing “Phrase” remains.

    As always, I urge a factual Discussion and collective Opinion on!

    Headline | Contrex: Exchange of a different kind
    Those: Euram -18.05.2009 17:50:00

    With the establishment of the new market segment Contrex, the Bavarian Stock Exchange make the CFD trade fair and transparent. The opposite was the case, Critics complain… [X]

    Euram: Contrex | Exchange of a different kind (Part 1)
    Euram: Contrex | Exchange of a different kind (Part 2)

    Headline | Contrex: By trading CFDs are acceptable
    Those: Euram -19.05.2009 14:41:00

    Is it really useful, To trade CFDs on the stock exchange, or waving from the competition law to? € uro am Sonntag spoke with project manager Torsten Berse of FXdirekt Bank AG… [X]

    Euram: Contrex | By trading CFDs are acceptable

    … to be continued.


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  12. 29. January 2013 at 19:34 - Reply

    FXdirekt bank is bankrupt. Diese Geschichte ging wohl voll in die Hose. Die Idee war gut, nur die Durchführung mangelhaft. Überheblichkeit Großmannssucht und waren zu überall spuren. Leider.

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