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Broker Overview / Comparison – The breakdown by specialization

On the following pages we index brokers have a range of different brokers. We tried different broker, to categorize their centers of gravity at:

> Equities
> Futures
> Forex

Also applies at this point:

Nobody is perfect. The information presented here, we have dug out from publicly accessible sources (possible origin of the information source: The websites of the brokers themselves) and rise to the present time no claim to completeness- or. Correctness. Rather, it is important for us to offer an overview for day traders and brokers to accurately specialization (Shares, CFD, Forex or Futures) to find. The most interesting broker should then ideally tf1 for community members to offer advantages.

In the coming months we will be the presentation and content certainly revise several times depending on the status and location, and revise in some cases have.

Broker Mitgliederkonditionen

See also the section already in the article “Procedure” prophesied: The trading conditions, We have negotiated with some brokers, can only be claimed, as if ‹tf1› Members registered.


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