our broker rates & Broker rebates

"A cost reduction of the regular force
Broker fees of up to 53% «

In the area of <tf1> membership rates, we try the following procedure to establish the discount broker..

A selection of the broker is based on criteria folgfenden:

  • Availability of courses / Platform
  • Cost of the platform and courses
  • Custodian fees of the broker
  • and of course the trading fees

The discount broker & Broker refund
on trading fees at a glance:


Discount / Percentage

Type of remuneration

WH-Selfinvest at least 14 Percent! Refunded
ADIF Brokerage at least 10 Percent! Instant Discount
Mirus Futures at least 10 Percent! Instant Discount
FXFlat at least 1,80 EUR traded per Lot Refunded
OEC On request
AVAFX at least 1 EUR traded per Lot Refunded
Dorman Trading at least 10 Percent! Instant Discount
Forexyard at least 1 EUR traded per Lot Refunded
Etoro at least 1 EUR traded per Lot Refunded
Interactive-Brokers On request
Plus500 at least 1 EUR traded per Lot Refunded
ZuluTrade at least 1 EUR traded per Lot Refunded
StrategyXchange at least 10 Percent! Refunded
UWCFX NEW: 4 USD per traded lot! Refunded


Automatic assurance payouts:

Payment without minimum balance - automatically quarterly at the end of the month
Payout 250 EUR credit per month - takes place monthly at the end of the month

Other brokers on request. Upon request, we will contact with brokers to.
Exact terms and conditions can be found on the respective detail page
or write us with any questions: support@tradeforceone.com

Broker-Rabatt PDF »

Among availability, we understand the reliability of the brokers trading platform and the data. Similarly, it was important, that the trading platform does not turn out to be costly factor.

Courses, Here too there are significant differences, were important in this context. What is the availability? Are there gaps in the course, no delays?

Custody and trading fees: At last we have given special attention. What are the trading fees for the various brokers? Are they attractive to a heavy traders? What is left at the end, if his strategy is scalping? Eat the trading fees on its profits at the end even ?

From these points we have considered Broker. With some, we are currently negotiating for our members at special rates, in terms of a buying group, negotiate.

We can now use a reduction of the regular force of some brokers to Konditonen 53% achieve! It is worthwhile in any case, some testing, how much benefit can be concretely.


tf1 principles to special conditions & Overview of participating brokers

Certainly we have not special rates for all brokers! However, the number is growing steadily! So should not this be your desire Broker, You can look around you here for alternatives, or feel free to leave us a comment with your request.

Overview of all participating brokers reach fastest and directly the
Menu item → membership rates

our broker rates – Just as in the Brokermap – are participating broker here by category: Shares, CFD, Forex, Futures, have agreed to our members, shown and compared.

Under the motto <tf1> max! We want benefits for heavy traders or. Daytrader vorstellen. Compared to Shares-, CFD-, Forex- and futures broker with standard commercial terms and ‹tf1›max! Trading conditions, which we have negotiated. And the argument is usually enough! But convince yourself.

Maximum price principle – Where others with terms like z. B. “from” or “at least” advertise, there with us ‹tf1›max! – the maximum price principle – be paramount.



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absolut kostenfrei und ohne Nebenwirkungen 🙂

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